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A Large Number Of Captcha Workers From All Over The World Who Are New To Captcha Work Have A Lot Number Of Questions About Free Online Work At Home. Daily I Received A Lot Number Of Questions Related To Captcha Work On My Facebook Page, Skype, Google Plus, Gmail, Twitter, Phone Call ETC... I Got Much Tired By Answering Each And Every Typer One By One...However I Tried My Best To Help And Answer Every Worker But Can't Fully Entertain All Workers Daily. So, I Collect a Set of All Those Questions Which a Typer Usually Asked From Me And Answer Them Here. I Hope Any Typer Who Have Questions About Captcha Work, Captcha Payments, Captcha Software ETC... Can Get The Right And Authentic Answer By Reading These Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) Below...

F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How to Start Captcha Work...?
      Just Go To The Captcha Site i.e MegaTypers, CaptchaTypers, KolotiBablo ETC... >> Register You Account For Free >> Login You Account And Start Your Work. You Have To Type The Words That Appear On The Screen.

    2. How Much Can I Earn From This Work...?
      There Is No Limitation, You Can Earn As Much As You Type. Different Captcha Sites Has Different Captcha Rates. Some Captcha Sites Have High Captcha Rates And Some Have Normal Captcha Rate Against Typing 1000 Captchas. If Captcha Rate is 1$ For Typing 1000 Captchas And You Type 1000 Correct Captchas in 1 Hour Then You Will Earn 1$. So Calculate Your Earnings By Yourself.

    3. Can I Do This Work As Part Time Or Full Time...?
      You Can Do It As Both Part-Time Or Full-Time.

    4. How And When Will I Get My Payment...?
      You Will Get Your Payment Directly Into Your Webmoney Account, Perfect Money Account, Payza Account, PayPal Account And BitCoin Wallet. You Will Get Your Payouts When Your Balance Hit The Minimum Payout As Per Rules Of That Captcha Site. Some Captcha Sites Pay Instanly, Some Captcha Sites Pays On Daily Basis And Some Captcha Sites Pays On Weekly Basis.

    5. How Long Can I Work...?
      There Is No Time Limit To Work On Captcha Sites. If You Work More Then You Will Earn More.

    6. What Is The Best Working Time...?
      The Best Working Time Is At Night Time i.e From 7:00PM to 3:00AM

    7. Is There Any Age Restriction to Do This Work...?
      The Answer Is NO. There Is No Age Restriction To Do This Work. Anyone Can Do This Work.

    8. I Still Can't Understand Anything About This Work Then How Can I Do This Work...?
      Don’t Worry... You Can Still Contact Us By Using Contact Us Page.

    9. I Don’t Have  Webmoney. How Can I Create It...?
      Don’t Worry. We Will Help You To Create Online Payment Accounts For Free However You Can Get Help To Registering Your WebMoney Account Here...
      How To Create And Verify WebMoney Account

    10. The Work Provided By You Is A Scam Or A Genuine?
      We Didn't Provide Any Captcha Work Because All Captcha Works Are 100% Free Of Cost As I Told Before. So, You Can Do This Work Yourself. However The Information About Captcha Work Given In SooperOnlineJobs Are Genuine And You Should No Need To Worry About It.
    Keep Visiting This Site To Get Latest Updates And Information About Captcha Typing Jobs In All Over The World Specially In Pakistan, India, Inodnesia, UK, Vietnam, Philippines And Bangladesh.


    1. Thank you Mallick for sharing this article and i can never forget your cooperation in helping me open a paypal account and giving me megatypers ids for free not to mention software. god bless you forever. Ravi Kishore

      1. Dear Kishore,
        You Are The Most Most Welcome To Sooper Online Jobs.

      2. Hi Malik, i stopped working for megatypers for a while and now i want to resume working. I have paypal account. Can you send me my mail ids that i you generously created for me 2 years back and not to mention its passwords. I really appreciate it. Thank you, Ravi Kishore

      3. Dear Kishore,
        Contact Me On Skype: Weblyceum.Club

    2. sir i give you $1.50 for qlinkgroup yesterday.but qlinkgroup not working thirdparty software..
      please give me another site authorize..

      1. Dear Nasim,
        Your Q-Link Id's Are Replaced With Your CaptchaTypers Id's. Now You Can Work With Your CaptchaTypers Id's By Using Software.

    3. Sir i am using multi c software for captcha typers it is working good but there is problem that if i typed 1000 captcha then the captcha typers count only 500 captcha. is there any software problem, if any, then tried to fix it. i think there is software problme

      1. Dear Azhar,
        Counting Issue For CaptchaTypers Server Has Been Fixed.


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