October 24, 2015

Type Captchas of Your Own Choice in 2Captcha Site || New Captcha Work

New Working Options In 2Captcha Site:

Welcome to Sooper Online Jobs Once Again. In The Previous Articles I Introduce 2Captcha Site With An Article "New Captcha Entry Work Of 2Captcha" And In 2nd Article I Gave Some Useful Instruction About Solving ReCaptcha And Normal Captchas In 2Captcha Site With An Article Named As "Instructions For Solving Google Captchas In 2Captcha Site". Today I Am Going To Tell You An Update In Working Procedure Of 2Captcha Site. Before Telling About New Working Options In 2Captcha Site...You Should Have A 2Captcha Account. If You Already Have A 2Captcha Account Then You Can Learn And Understand This New Working Procedure Or If You Have Not Still Register Your 2Captcha Account Then You Can Register Your 2Captcha Account For Free From Here...


Now Come to the Topic of Update In New Working Options In 2Captcha Site. Before This Update When We Work On 2Captcha Site, We Get All Type of Captchas For Typing e.g Normal Captchas, Google Captcha And ReCaptcha. This Was A Great Issue For 2Captcha Typers to Solve All Type of Captchas. Because Some Typers Like To Work With Normal Captchas, Some Typers Like To Work With ReCaptcha And Some Typers Like to Work With Both Normal Captchas And ReCaptcha. But Now After This Update...2Captcha Typers Can Work According To Their Own Choice. 2Captcha Introduce 3 Different Option of Working With 2Captcha Site.

  1.  Normal Captchas + ReCaptcha
  2.  Only Normal Captchas
  3.  Only ReCaptcha
You Can See And Understand All These Options From The Following Picture...

Detail About All Three Above Option Is Given Below...

  • Normal Captchas + ReCaptcha
    If You Select This Option "Normal Captchas + ReCaptcha" Then You Will Get Both Type Of Captchas To Type i.e Normal Captchas And ReCaptcha.
  • Only Normal Captchas
    If You Selection This Option "Only Normal Captchas" Then You Will Get Only Normal Captchas To Type. You Will Not Get ReCaptcha If You Select This Option.
  • ReCaptcha
    If You Selection This Option "ReCaptcha" Then You Will Get Only ReCaptcha To Solve. You Will Not Get Normal Captchas If You Select This Option.
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