January 06, 2016

Latest News...CaptchaTypers Going to Scam...! || Now Real Site

CaptchaTypers Starts Suspending Admin Panels

Latest News About CaptchaTypers Going To Scam.
From Last 2 Days CaptchaTypers Starts Suspending CaptchaTypers Admin Panels.
Now a Days Working With CaptchaTypers is Not Risk Free.
Also CaptchaTypers Eat Balance of Innocent Typers Hard Work. We are Also Working With CaptchaTypers Since Last 2 Years But I Have No Idea Why CT Take This Action Against Old Admin Panels. This Is Not Happened Only With Me But Many Typers Got Suspend Their Panels With Balance.

Scam Alert:
You Should Be Careful to Work With CaptchaTypers Now A Days. Because It Didn't Pay As Well As Suspend Your Admin Panels.


  1. Yes u'r right, even my two admin panels which are 6-8 months old got deleted, today one of them is deleted. Please post what's the reason behind this.

    1. Now CaptchaTypers Is Working Fine.


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